Who Is at Risk For Developing Chronic TMD?

Man wearing a green shirt grasping his face due to TMJ pain

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) is the most common pain condition in the face, with a prevalence of 5-33%.  Most cases are acute and mild in nature, but for some, TMD will last more than six months and need treatment.

Chronic TMD pain produces pathophysiological changes within the central and peripheral nervous system.  Studies reveal that chronic TMD is associated with female gender, ages 20 to 45, depression and anxiety, the presence of other pain symptoms, and having higher severity of TMD pain persisting for a longer duration.

If you have patients that are experiencing jaw, neck, or facial pain for more than six months, they should be properly assessed for chronic TMD.  As always, I welcome referrals and thank you for your confidence in providing your patients with optimal care.