Sleep Apnea Appliances

Sleep apnea and TMJ treatments in Ottawa, ON

Our Oral Appliances


The Panthera DSAD is a dental appliance that can be used for the treatment of snoring and/or obstructive sleep apnea. The Panthera DSAD is recommended to be prescribed for the treatment of snoring, mild to moderate sleep apnea, and severe sleep apnea for patients who do not tolerate the CPAP treatment or comply with it.


Worn during sleep, Somnodent devices fit over your upper and lower teeth. The device slightly moves the lower jaw forward, helping to keep the airway open and allowing you to breathe normally.


The Thornton Adjustable Positioner® (TAP®) is an oral appliance similar to an athletic mouth guard that is worn while sleeping. Developed with advanced technology, the TAP® reduces sleep apnea and associated health risks without the need for surgery, medications, or other more cumbersome therapy.

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