How Sleep Studies and Treatment Appliances Influence Your Sleep Apnea Care

Young woman sleeping peacefully in bed

As we know, sleep apnea can vary in intensity from person to person, and as a result, it is important to have the appropriate information to consult when diagnosing and treating it. There is always the right treatment solution for the right job and finding the most suitable one can make all the difference. Let’s take a look at how sleep studies and high-quality treatment appliances can help those living with sleep apnea.

Data Specific to Each Case

Performing sleep studies both before and after treating sleep apnea can not only keep the person in good health, but they are essential in figuring out how their sleep cycle is affected. Sleep studies carefully analyze the breathing patterns and oxygen intake and serve as an effective way of identifying problem areas. For example, if someone is undergoing a sleep study has shortened breathing, they may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Alternatively, if they have a lot of trouble with getting oxygen into their system, it can be an indicator of central sleep apnea, which can be dangerous if left untreated. Having accurate data from sleep studies can lead to a more precise diagnosis as well as more appropriate treatment.


Even after someone has been treated, consultations afterwards help make sure that progress is being made to help them feel better. To remove any guesswork and deliver a reliable post-treatment diagnosis, doctors rely on sleep studies to compare real-time results to those obtained before administering treatment. This helps prove whether or not the procedure was successful or if further care is needed to support the client in recovering from sleep apnea. Annual follow-ups are a great example where sleep studies can be helpful, as they also help to protect against possible bite changes, any side effects, and even TMJ pain if it occurs.

Appliance Quality and Treatment

Once sleep studies have been carefully performed and the doctor figures out the client’s condition, it’s then time for treatment – but not all treatments are the same. Custom-fitted oral appliances are one of the most effective and proven ways of minimizing and even fixing sleep apnea. The best kinds of appliances should be fully adjustable to allow the jaw to slowly move forward, allowing for more efficient airflow in a comfortable, natural-feeling manner to the client. For example, Dr. Dahan and the team at Ottawa TMJ & Sleep Apnea Clinic use premium-quality custom-fitted oral appliances in treating sleep apnea, which allow for the client to stay comfortable while working towards a healthier sleep cycle and more positive results. The very quality of the appliances can affect the outcome of the treatment itself.

Client Comfort

If someone experiences discomfort or irritation as a direct result of treatment, it can prevent it becoming as effective due to increased stress, leading to higher blood pressure. For better chances of success, it’s a good idea to implement the use of only high-quality, purpose-built appliances that are lightweight and comfortable to the point where someone nearly forgets that they’re there.

At Ottawa TMJ & Sleep Apnea Clinic, we focus in helping people achieve maximum comfort and wellness. We use carefully customized, adjustable oral sleep apnea treatment appliances and perform sleep studies during the diagnosis and treatment process to get to the root of the issue and address it quickly. In addition, we conduct annual follow-ups to inspect for any changes or side effects. Our sleep apnea oral appliances come complete with a worry-free 5-year warranty as well, meaning that you can sleep soundly at night not only free of breathing restrictions but with peace of mind. Contact us today for further information.