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Headache & Migraine Therapy in Ottawa, ON

Chronic headaches and migraines can be painful to the point of being completely debilitating. Patients often will seek any form of migraine treatment available. However, the best way to address migraine pain is to address the root cause. In some cases, that root cause may be TMJ. Naturally, relatively few people make the connection while experiencing intense migraine pain that they should be seeing a TMJ expert. Jaw tension can absolutely lead to migraines. Rather than apply the bandaid fix of painkillers, some patients benefit far more from botox. Migraines can be preempted before they even begin, provided that the correct treatment is administered by your TMJ dentist.

So how can Botox treat migraines, and what is the mechanism by which it is used to help treat patients with TMJ-associated headaches and pain?

There’s a specific set of reasons that we can treat your migraines in some cases with botox. Migraines which come about as a result of TMJ in particular. To begin, we should define exactly what TMJ is.

What Is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder?

Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ is an umbrella term used to describe tension, pain, and dysfunction of the jaw and surrounding area. Pinpointing the exact cause of this disorder isn’t always easy, but our dentists at Ottawa TMJ & Sleep Apnea Clinic will perform a thorough inspection and examination to determine the source of the headaches or migraines that you’re experiencing.

How can Botox Relieve TMJ Associated Headaches and Migraines?

When patients suffer from a form of temporomandibular joint disorder, some of the more common symptoms that come about as a result are aches and pains around the face and jaw area, including headaches and migraines. Although the source of TMJ disorders can be difficult to identify, there can be many contributing factors such as stress, which can lead to nocturnal teeth grinding. This contributes greatly to jaw tension, which can lead to migraines. Botox might be the solution.

It has proven to be an effective alternative TMJ migraine treatment, since it can target the surrounding muscles of the jaw and face. This can help prevent them from grinding and clenching while the patient is asleep, which is a common contributing factor for TMJ associated headaches.

Am I a Candidate for this Treatment?

If you suffer from a TMJ migraines, experience aches and pains in the jaw, or intense discomfort in your mouth, cheek, or even sinuses, you should contact us at the Ottawa TMJ & Sleep Apnea Clinic as soon as possible. Our team will assess your jaw and facial area, or perform X-rays if necessary to get a thorough understanding of what is causing your pain. If teeth are grinding and tension is a source of your headaches, Botox could be a recommended migraine treatment for you.

Even though Botox is safe to use, each patient will undergo a screening process to ensure they are an eligible candidate for this treatment. Our team will always ensure that every patient fully understands the process thoroughly so they can feel safe and comfortable in our clinic. Contact us today.


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