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Burning Mouth Syndrome

This particular condition is manifested as a persistent burning sensation in the mouth. It can affect the roof of the mouth, inside cheeks, gums, and tongue. The root cause can be very difficult to diagnose, which in turn makes it harder to treat. It varies in its patterns of occurrence and symptoms can appear suddenly or develop slowly. Feelings of burning in the mouth can start immediately after waking up and last all day. It can also occur intermittently. There are no visible alterations to the appearance of your mouth.

Symptoms of burning mouth syndrome:

Burning feeling inside your mouth (including the throat, palate and gums)

Numbness or stinging inside your mouth

Bitter or metallic taste

Loss of taste

Dry mouth

If there is no clear medical abornamilty that causes these symptoms, it will be referred to as primary burning mouth syndrome. Research on the subject indicates a relation to the taste nerves of the mouth. If an underlying medical condition cannot be determined, it will be referred to as secondary burning mouth syndrome. The problems linking to the disorder could be medications, recent illness but very commonly psychological factors such as stress and anxiety. Certain events in a patient’s life can contribute to the development of this syndrome.

Other factors to take into account:

Nutritional deficiency (lack of zinc, folate, thiamin, riboflavin)

Oral irritation from overuse of mouthwash, acidic products and tongue brushing

Allergies to foods, additives or other products

There’s not always a clear cause for this condition, but according to the International Journal of Dental Research, as many as two thirds of patients experiencing it also had TMJ symptoms. That’s why it’s important to consult with your Ottawa TMJ specialist. The root explanation may have to be deduced through a combination of input from your doctor and dentist. Ottawa TMJ & Sleep Apnea Clinic is here for you. If you find yourself developing any symptoms, contact us to request an appointment.